Metro Showcase, Hyderabad

Maytas was commissioned to implement the Metro (Subway trains) construction in Hyderabad. The Client wanted to implement a Showcase structure. The structure would translate into a station and would be a museum for Railways and Trams. The brief given to VBT was to translate their corporate identity and the essence of Metro into a futuristic impression for the generations to come. The Client's Logo was "M" and the metro "Mets" also begins with "M" and hence the foundation was laid around the letter to symbolize the structure. We curved the linear form of the letter to bring room into the structure to build the amenities into the form. The external formation of the structure was derived with a critical balance of height and dimension to engage all purposes of the structure. The formation of the structure bid its way to give three stable foundations for the structure to create multiple entrances and exits for commuters and service users. The entire structure is encased with glazing for maximum visibility and play of light and shadow. Overall glazing enhances and balances all forms of nature in its natural element of Sky, Earth and Wind. The periphery of the letter was designed to accommodate the museum and information centers with its high ceiling. The other areas were designed with varied height and glass to enhance the structural elements with functionality. The structure brought about the challenge to engage the visual appeal of the structure and translate the same to practical appeal of every day use. The structure was to integrated to have service and functional amenities to serve its purpose as a station. The passage ways were designed with the same letter formation "M" to be functional and large open areas were intended to allow visual exhibition from the structure. This project has been shortlisted for the World Architecture Community Awards.