Valmark Group, CityVille, Bangalore

Valmark's City Ville is premium gated property ideal for residents who wish to reflect their lifestyle into a contemporary villa set against the backdrop of over 25 acres, scenically facing the Hullimavu Lake. The project is designed by VBT Consortium and reputed international consortium of Architects based on the founding concept of "Lake, Tree and Sky" and its elements are strongly embedded in its extrinsic and intrinsic layout and floor plan.
Tree Trees of assorted varieties outline the gated community and add its natural azure to the experience of living in the community. Trees are landscaped effortlessly into arterial roads and intersection accommodating the concept intrinsically. Symbolically, the concept of tree is embedded into each villa with the use of earthy tones into its façade. Materials used for the representation of the element of tree in the concept are all designed to be natural and environmentally friendly.
Lake Hullimavu Lake forms the foundational asset for this element of the concept. The villas are aligned to benefit from this natural advantage and the views infuse into the personal space of each villa adding value to the quality of living in the community. Water cascade at the entrance, the two-level pool at the clubhouse apart from the lake contribute to symbolizing this concept through the community.
Sky The concept of sky is utilized more as an inspiration to blend the concept of Tree and lake into the community. Open spaces of the landscaped pockets combined with the use of wide glass windows and bays to allow natural light to filter to confined spaces contribute to this concept. The color of blue used widely through the community unifies to complete the earthy tones of the façade of each villa.