Windsor Edifices Pvt Ltd., Troika, Bangalore

Residential condominium of apartments over an area of 5 Acres in Begur, Bangalore sets as the backdrop of this project. TROIKA is best defined as a set of three; our inspiration for Troika came in from the contours of the property. On study of the area survey any other formation of living blocks would have been disadvantageous towards using the land effectively. Two sets of three living rectangular blocks utilizing the full buildable efficiency of the property were integrated into design. The living blocks of TROIKA formation gave way to the proportion of golden triangle and golden ratio. In tradition principle, the golden ratio is set to be the most aesthetic, stable and functional quoting examples from Vitruvius Man to the pyramid of Giza. The same principle in the Hindu Mythology was intercepted with Lord Kubera and Mt Meru, the mountain of wealth and prosperity. The diagonal summation of such a proportion gives us the Fibonacci series. The three living blocks formation, are of golden proportion and ratio and translates with its functional and stable elements giving the structure with height (Ground+18 Floors) a linear aesthetic appeal. The area in between the living blocks translates as the service core and all utilities view into the core. The living blocks are rectangular eliminating any corner wastages of the triangular geometry. The living zones with the concept have a 3 way ventilation for most apartments and have the optimal visibility of the landscaped pockets of the property. Service efficiency is optimal in this concept with the core in the center and the wind torque circulation which provides natural ventilation to the service core. The structural blocks occupy 40% of the site area translating 60% towards open area and amenities. This projects boasts of amenities like tennis courts, an open landscape of over an acre and others which are unachievable on the scale of 5 Acres of land. The Club is situated between the two sets of living blocks separated by over 200Ft. The club is designed keeping the same appeal of proportion and stability; LOTUS. The center of the flower is designed as the service core and the petals translate as the facilitator of activities. The activities are spread on multiple levels to engage in aesthetic view and design.