Serenity Gujarat

Master Plan 1453 Acres to plotted development on the outskirts of Ahmadabad. The developer's brief was to adhere to the concepts of Vastu and a holistic approach towards the plotted development. On studying the survey and contours of the property, we innovatively conceptualized the Vastu Purusha into the property. We took the physical form of Vastu Purusha and sketched his body to form the outlines of the property. The spine and other outlines became the arterial roads connecting the plotted development. The 7 Chakras became the various zones of the plotted development. The hierarchy of the plotted development was also highlighted using the same feature. The Mind Chakra gave way to accommodate amenities such as schools and colleges around it, the heart chakra became hold the niche plots signifying optimal prosperity and the stomach chakra was designed to hold the gastronomical amenities and services of the plotted community. This master planning approach enriched and gave us the potential to customize and cater to the requirements of the Client's specification. We unfolded the holistic concept and bridged the gap of a virtual concept to make it apply in reality. The proportional ratio of plotted development, landscaped and amenities stand at an efficient 53:32:5;